SLP #3: Consciousness & Breath

May 28, 2021 Krystal Hille Publishing Season 1 Episode 3
SLP #3: Consciousness & Breath
Show Notes

In this episode we continue conversations with the contributors of Fearless Presence. We talk about raising our consciousness through breathwork, detaching from our identification with roles and where to look for hope in a world that is out of balance.

My guests today are Robin Clements and Kiara Windrider.

Robin Clements is the Founder and Senior Teacher Trainer of Breathwave, holds a Doctor of Divinity, and is also a surfer, author and a father.  He began to bridge science and spirituality at 4 years old when he received open heart surgery. His gift is guiding people back to the light of truth within their own heart. With 23 years of experience guiding Breathwork, Robin he has refined the art of consciousness connected breathing into a gentle practice for anyone. His breath ceremony circles are grounded in life experience and held in prayer, insight and compassion.

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Kiara Windrider

Kiara is a transpersonal therapist, evolutionary catalyst, science researcher, and spiritual explorer. He has travelled many paths of healing including Integral Yoga, Inka and Egyptian initiatory practices, and a system for developing multi-dimensional presence known as Ilahinoor. He is the author of numerous books and teaches internationally taking people to numerous sacred sites across the globe.

Kiara has numerous free meditations on his website that we spoke of in the episode, including some practices from the Qero Inka tradition for opening doorways between worlds. Learn more about it by visiting

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